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Welcome to Kura Chinese Medicine

kura2Kura Chinese medicine is a private general Chinese medical practice located in the heart of South Yarra. We provide friendly and accessible Chinese medical healthcare to residents of South Yarra and surrounding suburbs including Toorak, Prahran, Windsor, Richmond, Cremorne, Burnley, Southbank and East Melbourne.

We understand that health is a personal thing, and we are committed to you and your journey. We will work with you to reach your chosen level of optimum health. Our patients have improved from all kinds of emotional and physical complaints, and in many cases they declare that acupuncture has changed their lives.

Kura offers a wide range of Chinese medical services in a warm, friendly and secure environment. You can make your appointment by phone on 9828 7500 or by booking online at our website


Acupuncture: a component of traditional Chinese medicine originating in China several thousand years ago. It is based on the principle of qi (vital energy) which exists in all living things. Qi travels around the body by way of 12 main meridians. Fine filiform needles are inserted into specific acupuncture points along the meridians for therapeutic effect. The needles used are very fine and do not cause the same pain sensation as a hypodermic needle.

Chinese herbal medicine: An ancient system that has undergone continual development through the millennia as our knowledge of diseases and illnesses evolve. In it’s country of origin Chinese herbal medicine is not used as an alternative form of treatment but is used in conjunction with modern Western medicine.

Cupping: a therapy used in many cultures around the world. A cup is applied to the skin where reduced air pressure created inside cup (either by flame or manual suction) creating a vacuum and drawing skin and superficial muscles inside. Cups can be static, running, wet or popping depending on the therapeutic goal of session.

Guasha: an East Asian healing technique employing the use of of a ceramic spoon, coin, buffalo horn or even jar lid. “Gua” means to scrape. “Sha” is the term for blood stasis within the subcutaneous tissue before and after it is raised as petechiae. It is used to prevent and treat diseases as well as strengthen the body. It is especially useful for pain relief such as head, neck and shoulder stiffness, joint and back pain, fibromyalgia or RSI.

Massage: at Kura we use a form of body work called tuina (pronounced “tweh nah”). It is a combination of massage, acupressure and stretching used together to produce a therapeutic effect. It is often used in conjunction with acupuncture and cupping but may also be used with herbs and qigong. Different techniques are employed such as rolling, pinching, kneading or brushing. It can be used in the treatment of both acute and chronic musculoskeletal conditions as well as many non musculoskeletal ones such as digestive complaints and stress related disorders.