Immunisations for Children

ImmunisationVaccinating your child against childhood diseases is a very important part in  ensuring your child’s health and well being.

Our doctors at Vogue Medical will offer a considerate and thorough immunisation service to your child.

The doctors and nurses at Vogue Medical are available to discuss childhood immunisations with parents, and we offer a safe and happy environment for your child when having their immunisation. We all know how important it is for your child to have a good experience when this time comes around.

Dr. Huiyun Zhao has a wealth of knowledge in this field. When your child is due for their next immunisation, please book a consultation with both the doctor and the nurse, or let our reception staff know that you would like an appointment for your son or daughter’s childhood immunisation. The doctor will be able to discuss with you the pros and cons of immunisation, and answer any questions you may have.

All children are vaccinated according to the National Immunisation Schedule and have their details sent to the Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR) which ensures timely access to family tax benefits.

All ACIR Childhood Schedule immunisations are free of charge and the consultation for your child is bulk billed. However, there are some additional vaccines that are not government funded and will incur a private charge. Please discuss this with one of our practice nurses when booking your child’s appointment.

Immunisations for Adults

It’s important to keep your immunisations up to date. Up to 5% of hospital admissions are for diseases that can be prevented with a simple vaccination.

As apart of preventative healthcare, we have a comprehensive immunisation service which includes routine vaccinations (such as those you may have missed as a child), as well as travel vaccinations including the Yellow Fever vaccination and documentation for which we are specially accredited and authorised to provide. Authorised documents with evidence of Yellow Fever vaccination is required for entry into certain countries, so if intending to travel overseas, it is advised you visit one of our travel doctors for a bulk-billed pre-travel consultation.

For more information on adult vaccinations, speak to your doctor at your next visit. Please note, such vaccinations usually incur an additional fee as many adult vaccines are not covered for by Medicare.

Please call us on (03) 9828 7500 to make your appointment today!

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