Mental Health

Mental-HealthThere are many different types of mental health issues; the most common one being depression. There are also different  types of depression and they have slightly different symptoms and may require different treatments. Depression can also feature as a comorbidity with other mental health disorders or conditions.

Depression and other mental health issues are complicated illnesses that can involve a number of contributing factors – genes, environment, dramatic life events, diet, lifestyle, and certain chemicals in the brain.

Everyone can feel down from time to time, but people with depression experience deep and prolonged feelings of sadness, dejection and hopelessness that are a change from the usual self. One in four women and one in six men will suffer from a depressive episode at some point in their lives.

It’s normal to be ‘depressed’ or feel sad when you experience a negative life event or have suffered a severe loss. However, if you continue to feel ‘depressed’ or a great sadness for a prolonged period of more than a couple of weeks, it is recommended that you talk to your doctor.

All of our practitioners are available for appointments to discuss any mental health issues or concerns.

When booking your appointment please ask the receptionist to book a double, or longer appointment. You can reach us on (03) 9828 7500.

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