Comprehensive Travel Health Advice

Bulk Billing for Pre-Travel Consultations

optomWe advise you to visit one of our travel doctors, and arm yourself with more than just vaccines prior to your next travel! Your travel consultation will be bulk billed.

Available travel vaccines:

  • Boostrix Injection
  • Boostrxi IPV Injection
  • Cholera Oral Liquid
  • Fluvax Injection
  • Hepatitis A Injection
  • Hepatitis B Injection
  • Hepatitis A + B Combination Injection
  • Meningitis ACWY Injection
  • Typhoid Oral Tablet / Injection
  • Polio Injection
  • Rabies Injection
  • Yellow Fever Injection
  • Japanese Encephalitis:
    • Jespect Injection
    • Imojev Injection

What is travel health?

Care-PlanHaving a consultation with a travel doctor is much more informative than simply receiving the recommended vaccinations for a particular country that you intend to travel to. It also includes the complete travel advice that you will need.

The essential part of travel health includes being prepared for, preventing, and managing unforseen situations and illnesses while you are away.  Your travel doctor will provide you with information regarding the various health risks for the destination(s) as well as ways to avoid and minimise risks. You may receive vaccinations and/or specific medications to protect you prophylactically. Sometimes it includes being provided with a traveller’s medical kit that has medications to treat common diseases early.

Why do I need to see a travel doctor?

No one wants their overseas trip disturbed by illnesses. You need to look after yourself and your health so that this does not happen. Travelling to international destinations exposes you to a variety of problems that can affect your health. “Safe” destinations such as Europe and North America are not without some potential for health issues. Travel to less developed parts of the world could present with a greater range of health hazards, some of which are potentially very serious. This needs to be well understood and managed so that you can appropriately avoid illnesses. This is particularly true for the very young and the very old and for those who have a compromised immune system.

It is highly recommended that you involve your travel doctor in your travel preparation regardless of whether it be a short break to a “safe” destination or a long multi-month trip to many different destinations. There are other factors that can put you at risk while you are travelling, not just exposure to vaccine preventable diseases. This is why a consultation with your travel doctor is more important than just receiving jabs.

How do I go about seeing a travel doctor?


Generally speaking you should see your travel doctor six to eight weeks prior to your departure date. When you are booking your appointment, bear in mind that you may need to book a double appointment. If it is a simple journey consisting of one country such as Bali, then a single appointment should suffice.However, complicated travel itineraries that involve travelling to multiple destinations may need more time.

Vogue Medical is a designated registered Yellow Fever clinic. We also stock all travel vaccines and travel medications onsite for added convenience. Please note that all travel consultations are bulk billed. However, vaccines and/or medications are an extra cost. If you would like to know prices for the individual travel vaccines or an estimate of how much multiple vaccines will cost, please call us on 9828 7500.

Pre-International COVID-19 Testing

Emerging_Testing_Technologies_Offer_Potentially_SBoth PCR & Igm COVID-19 tests can be arranged at Vogue Medical.

Turnaround time for report is around 24 hours. We advise that you book your appointment two(2) days prior to your departure day.

Once complete, a scan version of your report can be arranged to be emailed.

The cost of COVID-19 testings is $190, which required to be privately paid.

If your hold a medicare card, the doctor’s fee can be bulkbilled.

If you hold a OSHC card from AHM, Medibank or Allianz, the doctor’s fee can be directbilled from your insurance company.

All other card holders require a doctor’s fee of $78. A receipt will be provided.

PS: Pre-payment of $190 testing fee is required when you make your appointment. We will contact you to collect your credit card information. We accept VISA & Mastercard cards.