podiatry-300x186Vogue Podiatry is based on the belief that our client’s needs are of the utmost importance and we are committed to meeting those needs. We are well known to provide the highest quality foot care for all our clients foot care needs and for all ages.

With a thorough and gentle approach and with a variety of services we are sure you’ll be happy with your treatment.

We offer exceptional care using a wide range of therapies to alleviate all foot related problems. We allow 30 minutes or more for thorough assessments and treatments.

If you have a problem with your feet the most appropriate professional to see is a Podiatrist. Podiatrists are health care professionals who diagnose and treat disorders of the lower limb. Your Podiatrist is trained to treat conditions related to foot structure and function such as callouses and corns, biomechanics re;at red problems, children experiencing difficulty walking and foot related side effects from Diabetes and arthritis.

We offer tailored treatments for:

  • general podiatry- corns, callouses, warts, etc
  • sports related injuries
  • biomechanics and gait analysis
  • children’s foot problems
  • orthotics- custom made and over the counter
  • diabetic foot care
  • heel and arch pain
  • flat feet
  • ingrown toenails
  • abnormal walking
  • spurs
  • bunions
  • veteran affairs
  • arthritis related foot pain
  • nerve pain
  • foot reflexology/massage
  • home/hospital/retirement home visits

It is not necessary to obtain a referral to see a Podiatrist, unless you need to claim for your service through DVA or Medicare (EPC).

Our podiatrists look forward to helping you and your foot and ankle problems.

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us or call our friendly staff to book in an appointment today. Online appointments can now also be booked directly on our website: www.voguepodiatry.com